He and I will never get away from the fact that we were as one for so many years

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And for me to walk into a, to the breakfast room and see Lindsey sitting with a girl. I mean it was a- an instant U-turn in the first place, and uh, I mean it was- it was enough to make me absolutely ill.

I have enough respect for the seven years that we went together and lived together, and, for all that he taught me, and all that he did for my music and the incredible- the incredible experience of being with him for seven years, I would never ever ever do something like that to hurt him.

So it’s still difficult, after all this time. It’s almost exactly the same as it was when we did Rumours. You know what Lindsey is like, as- as difficult as our life has been, together and apart, he and I- he- he’s like, you know when something go- something happens to you that’s bad, and your mother calls you or your dad calls you, and you pick up the phone and you hear their voice and you just burst into tears. Lindsey is that, to me, because I’ve known him for so long.

If I did it all over again, I’d probably do the same thing. I love my music. I’m not willing to give up my music for anybody.

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yeah lindsey thats what i thought

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