mistressofmy-fate: I'm so happy for you about your Buckingham Nicks album getting signed!!!!! That's so so special, omg. I saw them twice this past week and both times were magical nights but I totally chickened out with bringing my BN record, so now I'm going to have to live vicariously through you a little bit. :)

Thank you so much, lovely! You saw them twice?! Wow, lucky you! That absolutely fine with me, haha. I’ll be uploading some pictures and videos from the concert next week when I get back home! Thanks again!

Anonymous: Congrats on the BN album! Stevie hardly ever signs stuff from the stage these days. I'm just curious how it all went down. Did Lindsey mention to her you had the BN album or did she see it herself and come over to sign it or was she signing several things?

Thank you! I know, and that’s why I feel extremely special that they both did! Lindsey had signed it during Mick’s drum solo on World Turning, and then nudged Stevie in the side and told her about it just after they had all taken a bow at the end of the show! That’s when she came right over and signed it! Mine was the only one she signed during the show, even though a few other people tried towards the end. ECSTATIC DOESN’T COVER IT.

THE EXCITEMENT WAS TOO MUCH. Thank you for capturing these moments Jen!

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Pittsburgh, PA. 10/14
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The fact they both signed the Buckingham Nicks album last night was great!



(10/14/14) Pittsburgh
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STEVIE NICKS MEME → [3/3 bonus photosets]

Stevie’s smile