" I tried to call him two weeks ago because I wanted him to work with me on a song, and he wouldn’t come to the phone. That really hurt. But I accept that behavior from him. Sometimes it’s just hard for him to deal with me. We did not easily separate. The fact that he and I can’t seem to be friends now makes me very sad. "

Now I do believe in love and I am the biggest romantic. I mean if I ~ I’m Cathy and Heathcliff walks by I’d jump out the window absolutely not a chance ~ Sir Laurence Olivier here I come, for sure. So I think I probably write down the conflict of, ‘Oh yes I do want to be in love. And yes I do want to be a loving, loving person. And yes I do want to be ~ you know ~ the mother of many children.’ But at the same time there is part of me that says that, ‘I am also Lillian Hellman and I want to write the great novel of all time.’ And I want to go on the beach with my silent typewriter and I don’t want anybody to bother me… because I want to enhance this planet. I came here for a reason. I didn’t come here to be a mother. I didn’t come here to be a nun. And I did not come here to be a cleaning lady. I came here to be a poet. -Stevie Nicks, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1983 

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Fleetwood Mac VHS Edits: Tusk (1979) | Side Two

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"Hi, Stevie.  I met you about three years ago when you last played Dallas."

"Was I wearing my glasses?"

"No, you were wearing a nice hat, though!"  (x)

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It’s very lonely on the road. It’s especially lonely for the girls. As Christine has said to me many times, ‘Stevie, this is your passion. It is not my passion.’

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